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Tottenville 1965

Flippin' baseball cards outside PS 1
I lost my Sandy Koufax but I still had fun
Think I took a dup' and put it on my bicycle spokes
Hanging out at Georges with my cousin Mike
Sitting with our legs up on our Stingray bikes
Washing down a Ring Ding with an ice cold Coke
Slap that Turkish Taffy on the curb til it broke
Man in all these years I never felt so alive
As I did in Tottenville in 1965

Head out to Ferraros just to get a slice
Oh that blackened crust, this must be Paradise
Damn I'll have another one, can you make it to go?
Run across the street to Mary's Five and Ten
Hey Irving did you get any new army men?
Add to my collection of my Matchbox cars
Woulda' went to Lotvins but that seemed kinda far
Man in all these years I never had such drive
As I did in Tottenville in 1965

Pitching in a game at Aquahonga Field
Nod to Johnny Norris if they tried to steal
Win the game and earn a hot dog and a Tahitian Treat
Smiling at the girls from behind the fence
Step up to the plate with such confidence
Drove the winning run in and the day was complete
Nothing else has ever seemed that totally sweet
God just once I wish that I could feel as alive
As I did in Tottenville in 1965

Toss around the football on Craig Avenue
Never seemed like we were left with nothing to do
"Tag you're it...Oh no I'm not, I've got electricity"
Bouncing Pensy Pinkies off the front door stoop
Wait for Mister Softee got a double scoop
Playing wiffle ball outside in the yard
Hiking to the Point down Hylan Boulevard
Man I hope these memories will always survive
The life we had in Tottenville in 1965


Song written by Dave Troland.