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Businesses 1950s

Please click on the map below to be taken to another webpage.  On that map you can click the red circles to see the name of the store and the address.

If you see something missing please let me know.

Businesses 1950s
S. Schull
137 Barnard Avenue

Atlantic Meat Market
139 Barnard Avenue

David Becker
148 Main Street

Williams & Macan, Inc.
173 Main Street

Max Seitz
189 Main Street

Laura B. Yetman
192 Main Street

Stadium Gift & Electric Shop
217 Main Street

Cole & Martin, Inc.
227 Main Street

Ammy's Men's Shop
232 Main Street

Town's Pride Luncheonette
233 Main Street

Central Pharmacy
237 Main Street

Rosy Brand
238 Main Street

242 Main Street

D & E Meat Market
245 Main Street

Clifford Woll
248 Brehaut Avenue

Jack's Sweet Shop
249 Main Street

Scaran Oil Service
433 Yetman Avenue

Woods Confectionery
5309 Arthur Kill Road

Betty Lang's Beauty Shoppe
7246 Amboy Road

Mary's 5 & 10c Store
7258 Amboy Road

Arthur Stryker & Sons, Inc.
7336 Amboy Road

Phil's Groceries & Delicatession
7420 Amboy Road

Corner Luncheonette
7423 Amboy Road

The Stiano Pharmacy
7437 Amboy Road

Bridge's Hardware
7519 Amboy Road

Pat's Beauty Shop
7522 Amboy Road

Gaffney's Bar & Grill
93 Main Street

Bedell Funeral Home
Amboy Road

The Charles Shop
Amboy Road

Paul Kramer's Service Station
Main Street & Amboy Road