Traveling down Memory Lane Traveling down Memory Lane Traveling down Memory Lane For those who would like to provide me with memories of growing up in Tottenville or memories of Tottenville please e-mail me your thoughts and I will add them to this page. Send your e-mail to please added personal memories to your subject line. 36302845 Vinnie Vigliotti's Memories First I just want to say I was Eltingville know even today when you here someone talk about Tottenville or run into someone from Tottenville a flood of memories come back. I remember back in the 50s/early 60s we took train to Tottenville (last stop) get on boat to Perth Amboy do some shopping than back to Tottenville or go to movies on Main Street. When I started high school the place to be than was The Hut on Amboy Road or just hang out at the beach on Surf Avenue or The Pavilion at end of Hylan blvd. Today I live in Jersey, every once in a while ill ride to Tottenville and just walk around and take in what was and it puts a smile on my face and I'm back in time. (Old Tottenville High School Class of 1965) 36298818 Kenneth Mitchell's Memories My great-great-grandparents on my mother's side lived in the Tottenville from about 1880 to the 1920's. My great-great-grandfather, Edmond Taylor, and his father, William are listed as living in Princes Bay in 1880. Edmond was also listed as Edward in later documents. He is listed in the Westfield Marriage Record as marrying Annie Hussey of Tottenville in 1884. He was an oysterman and later a tugboat captain. They lived at 150 Yetman Avenue. They had six daughters and three sons. The oldest was born in 1885 and the youngest in 1905. Annie and Edmond are buried in the Bethel Church Cemetery. My great-great-grandfather and his wife lived in Pleasant Plains. Albert Schoefer came from Germany in 1871. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was born on Staten Island in 1876. Albert's father, Carl, is buried in St. Lukes Cemetery in Rossville. Her family is buried in West Baptist Cemetery. Albert worked in his later years as a foreman for the Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. My grandfather, Albert, worked on the SIRT railroad and as kids he would take us from New Dorp to St. George then turnaround and go to Tottenville. Once there we would get an ice cream cone and get on the ferry to Perth Amboy, turn around, then get on the train back to New Dorp. This was before the Verrazano Bridge was built and Staten Island was really rural. 36298393 1880 Census William & Edmond Taylor 36298704