Photographs provided by Jim Walter. Photographs provided by Jim Walter. Tottenville Yacht Club Taken from the beach at the end of Yetman Ave of the pear at the Tottenville Yacht Club after the hurricane of 1960. 76889689 Tottenville Yacht Club 76889690 Tottenville Yacht Club This is a picture of Jim Walter's mother in 1955 Tottenville Yacht Club in the background. 76891838 Lifeguard Shack 76891839 Beach at Tottenville postcard. 76891840 Jim Walter Taken 15 Sept 1962 76891842 Jimmy Walter with Johnny and Jimmy Daney June of 1961. 76891843 View of Friedrich's Pier 76891844 675 Yetman Avenue Taken in the 50s. 76891845 Roller Boller Coaster, South Beach, Staten Island, NY 76891841