Robert Forlie Robert Forlie Dolly Mutha(Romer) 664Rockaway Street 03-1947 56906615 Jack & Tommy White 664 Rockaway Street 1948 56906617 Raritan Bay Sweethearts on Tottenville Beach (left to right) (face on side) Angis Monahan, Eileen White (Sullivan), Dorothy White(Murtha/Forlie), Etta Begerow (Kleine), Theresa White (Tobin). 56906618 Etta, Dave 1941 63799860 Dot White at OLHC 56906616 PS 1 Grade 4 1934 My father, Christian Forlie, is the last picture in the third row. Anyone see anybody they know? 63799861 Tottenville Parade June 1947 63799862 Troop 46 1927-1937 Look for any of your relatives. 63799863 Dot, Sister Kevin(Kay Monahan), Alice White, Dolly 63799864 The Point 1942 Eileen (White)Sullivan, Jackie Shaft, Agi Monahan, Theresa (White)Tobin, Gerard Tobin, Etta Begerow 63799865 Etta 63799866