The Androvette Home, The Dubois and the Simonson's The Androvette Home, The Dubois and the Simonson's As it appeared in 1939 Built in 1880 35241864 As it appears today Built in 1880 35241865 Margaret Ann Price (Nee Dubois) Margaret Ann Price (Nee Dubois) sister to "Aunt Fanny", Mother to Frances Jane Price. (This painting remains in family - circa 1850) 35242222 Frances Jane Du Bois Frances Jane Du Bois "Aunt Fanny" Aunt to Frances Jane Price (circa 1860's) 35242310 Frances Jane Price Francis Jane Price, daughter of Margaret Ann and David F. Price married Oscar Ward Simonson on November 4, 1880. Oscar was the owner of the Richmond Mill, the ancient tide mill located on the Richmond Creek near Richmond Town. Frances Jane and Oscar had three Children, Stafford, born September 20, 1881, David, born August 19, 1885 and Thomas, my maternal Grandfather, born August 18, 1887. Sadly, Francis Jane contracted Tuberculosis (consumption) and although she fought hard for many years, died on September 28, 1890 at the young age of 34, leaving the three young boys and her loving husband. The boys grew up. Thomas Butler Simonson (my Granddad) went on to become an inventor and interior decorator, David, who was born with Polio moved to Brooklyn and Stafford, married and lived in Pleasant Plains for many years. Aunt Fanny never married. She dedicated of her life to continuously caring for her family when in need. After the boys were grown she continued unselfishly caring for the boys Grandfather, Cornelius Ellis Simonson (Oscars Father) until his death on July 6, 1900, at age 80. Fanny died not long after in her seventies. 35242536 Oscar Ward Simonson He is sitting at Richmond Mill. 35242973 Letter head from invoice of Richmond Mill 1880 35243438 This is my G-Grandfathers Mill (Oscar Ward Simonson - Richmond Mill) Provided by Wayne D. Guinn 35247473 35243569 Toms System Thomas B. Simonson Sr. invented and patented (1923) exercise equipment (outlined in red) and produced an exercise book featuring his 15 year old son, Thomas B. Simonson Jr., as the subject of "Toms System". This equipment was used by Admiral Byrd on his expedition to the Antarctic. 35243673 This is the original Indenture signed by David Price for the purchase of half of the sloop. As stated previously, David Price, husband to Margaret Ann Dubois-Price, was an Oysterman who owned the rights to the Oyster beds in Princes Bay. He was one half owner of the massive sloop "Comet" with John and Barnet Decker of Staten Island (indenture signed February 27, 1846) They used the sloop to transport Oysters from Staten Island up the Hudson to supply the Manhattan Trade. 35243848 Raking for Clams (Oysters) in Princes Bay - Drawn by Edwin Forbes 35244215 Notes on the Du Bois family on Staten Island All Staten Island Du Bois are descended from Louis Du Bois, son of one of the original 12 patentees who settled New Paltz, NY in 1677. He was part of a group of French Huguenots who came to America through the Netherlands to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. The Huguenot families that came to Staten Island from New Paltz were the Eltings and the Du Bois. The names of the towns of Huguenot and Eltingville are derived from them. These families were among the earliest on Staten Island Frances Jane and Margaret Ann's Du Bois Father was John Du Bois, an Blacksmith and abolitionist from Richmond Town, and their mother was Margaret Fitz Randolph, who was sister to Captain Nathanial Fitz Randolph, the revolutionary war hero who twice captured Colonel Billopp and exchanged him for several continental soldiers being held on the British prisoner ships moored off Staten Island. Nathaniel eventually died of wounds acquired in the battle at Springfield. He was a true American hero. 35244420 The Nathaniel Fitz Randolph Gate at Princeton University Nathaniel Fitz Randolph's Grand Father was a Nathanael Fitz Randolph, a Quaker from Prince Town, NJ. He is remembered for donating the land on where the college of New Jersey was built. Today the college is better known as Princeton University. The gate in front of the Nassau Hall bears his name and the walls of the school hold his remains as well as his families. 35244548 Lena Du Bois 35244791 Thomas Butler Du Bois Thomas Butler Du Bois as the brother of Frances Jane and Margaret Ann Du Bois. Life long Tottenville residents. 35244792