Hotels & Businesses Photos Hotels & Businesses Photos Shore House Hotel 34776813 Shore House Hotel 34776814 Charles Lehman's Drugstore Location was at 103 Main Street. 34776817 West End Hotel 34776816 Stark's Hotel, Beach Street (Todays Page Avenue) 34776861 Hadkins Bottling Company, Tottenville -- Blob Top Soda Hadkins Beverage Company started in 1863 and closed in 1950. The factory was located on Elliott Avenue, (also known as Arents Avenue) now known as Craig Avenue. Hadkins Beverage Company started by Frank Hadkins Sr then later went to Frank Hadkins Jr. Then sold off to a long time employee James Hawkins. They delivered soda by horse and carriage and in 1917 got their first delivery truck. 34869325 Hadkins Bottling Company, Tottenville -- Blob Top Soda 34869173 Hadkins Bottling Company, Tottenville -- Blob Top Soda 34869326 Hadkins Bottling Company, Tottenville 35502986 Hadkins Bottling Company, Tottenville 35503176 Tottenville Copper Co. Benjamin Lowenstein was born in Germany on 12 November 1862 and died 15 August 1941. In 1900 he established the Tottenville Copper Company. This was the site of the old Dissosway Mill. The Tottenville Copper Company, was a metal processing plant. It was established on the Richmond Valley line of Tottenville in 1900. In 1931 The Tottenville Copper Company was sold to Western Electric Company and renamed Nassau Smelting and Refining Company. The Brick Chimney could be seen for miles it was 200 feet by 7 feet. ================== 1912 Building Boom on Staten Island Plans have been filed for Tottenville, Staten Island, for thirty houses during the past six months. The Tottenville Copper Company is planning to erect ten four-family houses on its land facing Church Street, north of the plant, for the accommodation of employees. George W. Debois and Abram E. Johnson, having purchased a tract of second growth woodland on Church Street, between Amboy Road and High Street, are now clearing and grading preparatory to dividing in into building sites. 36387394 Tottenville Copper Co. Tottenville Copper Co. Refineries Production of ingot copper, brass, and bronze alloys, copper bands and white metal. Annual capacity 200,000,000 lbs. Brand is known as C.T.C Copper. 36386541 Palace Theatre Opened in 1915, the Palace Theatre opened on Craig Avenue between Main Street & Bently Avenue, seating capacity 450. The Palace Theatre was in operation for 12 years. The Palace Theatre wasn't designed for "talkies". After "talkies" were introduced, the Palace Theatre began losing customers. In 1927 the Stadium Theatre opened on Main Street which was around the corner and the Stadium Theatre played "new movies" so in 1928 the Palace Theatre closed. It was owned and managed by James Wallace Laird. 36387116 Dissosway Mill 36387117 Frank Capri General Store on Yetman Avenue 36387393 44516967 The Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. Advertisement 60368880 Mary's Five & Ten Mary's Five & Ten was located on the corner of Amboy Road & Main Street. 72761697 Max Seitz Shop, 189 Main Street Photo provided by his daughter Marie Askar. 76791269 Max Seitz standing in front of the store with Main St. in the background. Photo provided by his daughter Marie Askar. 76791945