Photos of The Billopp House, Park & other Landmarks on Park Property Photos of The Billopp House, Park & other Landmarks on Park Property 37263760 37263759 The Peace Conference at the Conference House (Billopp House), Interview Between Lord Howe and the Committee of Congress 34655768 This is a photograph. I don't know what year it was taken. Written on front of photo states completed 1670. 34655775 The old well 34655761 34655618 1940s Rose Garden 34655760 The Parlor 34655614 The Parlor 34655616 The Parlor 34655767 The Parlor 34655769 The Parlor 34655766 The Parlor 34655759 34655764 34655774 The Parlor 34655770 Conference room 1930c 34655617 Conference Room 1930c 34655779 Conference Room 1930c 34655763 North Bedchamber 34655773 North Bedchamber 34655771 North Bedchamber 34655765 This postcard is pretty cool because someone wrote on the front of the card 1910. Then in 1915 they wrote still standing. Looks like they wrote "I have been into it." from N. Ellis 34656041 The Parlor 1986 34677089 1890c 34655776 37461148 1930c 34655778 The Dining Room 34655777 The Dining Room 34672987 Photo was taken June 16th, 2005. 34672426 Photo was taken June 16th, 2005. 34677959 Photo was taken June 16th, 2005. 34677960 The Pavillion 34677963 The path to the Pavillion. Photo was taken June 16th, 2005. 34677961 The Billopp House Photo was taken June 16th, 2005. 34677964 The Revolutionary War Cannon This is me at 3 years old in front of the cannon. The cannon disappeared on May 21, 1972. 34695254 34681654 Nevada State Journal August 28, 1976 34681872 The Revolutionary War Cannon at the Conference House 34681981 Back of the Billopp House 34695599 The Back of the Billopp House 34696006 Conference House tombstone This photo was taken around 1916. Herman Geuther is at the right of the tombstone. 34695984 Conference House tombstone This is whats stated on the tombstone that Herman Geuther standing next to. 34696003 Historic Tree, Old Billopp Estate Mailed in 1920. 34696004 Historic Tree, Old Billopp Estate This tree is still standing today and is about 300 years old. Photo taken July 2004. 34696298 Hackberry, 1908 34697914 34696005 Old Billopp House, Erected in 1668 From a sketch by F.W. Kost, in 1886 34697971 1930 If you look at the left of the photo near the tree you will see the old well. 34698074 1940s 34698677 1988c 34698935 34734092 Billopp House This is a rare shot of the Billopp House c1910. 35248220 Billopp House 35250062 37978899 Mrs. Newton D Chapman 35303141 Mrs. Newton D Chapman 35303142 Plaque 35506210 Side of house -- Door to kitchen 35650980 Side of house -- Door to kitchen 35932954 Kitchen The kitchen is located in the basement of the Billopp House. 34734526 Closeup of Billopp House 35651041 Captain Billop sailed around Staten Island and won it for New York 34734250 34734091 35651056 35651259 THE WAY TO THE BILLOPP HOUSE 34749890 36069479 36124422 36124423 36124424 36124425 36124512 Following Billopps's Route To Tottenville 35534379 The Ward House The Ward Family home was built around 1830. The house belonged to Caleb Ward's granddaughter, Hannah. Hannah was married to Samuel Wood a boatman. In 1850 William H. Rutan purchased the house from the Woods. 37174456 The Ward House 37174455 The Ward House 37174454 The Ward House The back of the house 37174451 The Ward House 37174457 The Colonial Rose Garden 37175521 The Colonial Rose Garden 37175522 The Colonial Rose Garden 37175519 81156512