Kevin Fuchs - Oktoberfest Parade Route Kevin Fuchs - Oktoberfest Parade Route This was actually somewhat of a detour from the Oktoberfest route that I remember from my early days, though in '85, '86, there were stands set up here on this end of the IS 34 athletic field. I bought baseball cards, Yankee sunglasses, and I think several Jack Chick cartoon tracts one of those years. 149663982 149663983 When the Oktoberfest resumed, in '85, after a 2-3 year hiatus (reportedly after too many Oktoberfests of guys smashing glass bottles), there were some stands on this corner of IS 34 field. 149663984 149663985 It's amazing how high up the field actually gets. 149663986 149663987 149663988 149663989 149663990 149663991 This is what the teenagers in the late '70's called, "The Shack", where they were doing Lord-knows-what. It's marked as a Cub Scout shack, but we always met in the church itself. 149663992 Now I'm continuing with the parade route. It's interesting that Carteret Street has a traffic triangle there for no apparent reason. 149663993 Here's more of the Carteret traffic triangle and, for good measure, a nailed-on street sign. 149663994 I believe the parade route turned left here on Craig Avenue. By the way, I've always loved the way that 7702 Amboy Road is turned at an angle like that. 149663995 Here's the corner of Craig Avenue and Amboy Road, where the parade turned left. Amboy Road, of course, continues down that hill and ends near the former site of Tottenville Marina. 149663996 Looking back on what was both a parade route and Oktoberfest route. The hardware place looks about how I remember it. 149663997 On Amboy Road near the corner of Sleight Avenue. 149663998 Here's the old bakery on the corner of Sleight Avenue. 149663999 You really can't see it from here, but this is Our Lady Help of Christians church. 149664000 Here is Yetman Avenue, where--believe it or not--there would be a small Ferris wheel set up for the Oktoberfest. Of course, you can see IS 34 straight ahead and George's/Rose and Paul's Deli to your right. 149664001 149664002 149664003 149664004 149664005 149664006 If you're interested in monarch butterflies, you can read this sign at the Conference House. 149664007 I think this was a new or refurbished sign. 149664008 Believe it or not, this is an actual street with actual vehicles going through it. This stretch of Satterlee Street is very narrow, and also seems very colonial. 149664009 149664010 I had always wondered about the significance of this house. It probably wasn't until the day I took this picture (and the one before it) that I even knew it had a name: Biddle House. 149664011 149664012 149664013 Here's a distant shot of the Pavilion and the area, I think, where the Arthur Kill meets Raritan Bay. 149664014 The rolling hill at the Conference House. It just seems very colonial. 149664015 I'm sure that was a new sign. 149664016 I tried to get as clear as shot of IS 34 as possible through the small openings in the chain link fence. 149664017 Here is a long shot of the IS 34 athletic field, where we used to have Field Days for PS 1 and IS 34. The grass actually looks better here than it did back when I was a student. 149664018 This, of course, is the Brighton Street side of PS1, where the 4th and 5th graders (and 3rd graders, too?) played during lunch recess. That block up ahead was actually an exit, I think from the cafeteria. When we played kickball, home plate was about halfway to that block exit. 149664019 This is the main entrance to PS 1 (in case it wasn't glaringly obvious from the signage). When I was going there, it was medium to dark brown. I'm not sure why they went with red. 149664020 This is a slightly more close-up version of PS 1's main entrance. 149664021 Back when I lived here, this was all woods. There was a small path along where these houses are now, that led to a sandy clearing where people could occasionally park. 149664022 Here is the corner of Amboy Road and Parker Street. I remember the Costellos lived in that white house on the corner, and there was a gruesome sledgehammer murder just beyond the right of the picture, around '78 or '79. 149664023 Continuing the parade route on Amboy Road, past Joline Avenue on the left and Parker Avenue. 149664024 149664025 This is very familiar territory: Lang's Hardware used to be on the right (the building with the big key); D+L Video was still open, 20 years after it opened and introduced me to VCR's and renting tapes; just beyond was Ernie's/Milky Way Dairy & Deli/Amboy Deli. Here, on the corner of Brehaut Avenue and Amboy Road, is where one would see the police barricades and the food stands for Oktoberfest every third Sunday in October. 149664026 When I was in the 2nd grade, and maybe the 3rd grade, we would have lunch recess on the Yetman Avenue side. Or maybe it was just the 3rd grade here, with the 2nd grade in one of the tennis courts, where we played kickball. I wanted to enter the playground on the day I took this picture, but apparently adults aren't allowed there, anymore, or something. On the side of the old building was a spray painted strike zone for stickball. 149664027 To the right, you can sort of see Our Lady Help of Christians school, where I think some of my classmates went every Wednesday afternoon for "release[d] time". 149664028 Now continuing the Oktoberfest/Parade Route: To the right is what used to be J & J Pharmacy, which used to have actual phone booths with rotary dials, like in the movies. I bought my first Hagstrom map of Staten Island there in '84. 149664029 Looking back up Amboy Road from Brighton Street. 149664030 I know that Betty Brite Cleaners used to be in that building in the background. I'm not sure if it was still open then. 149664031 149664032 149664033 149664034 149664035 149664036 Here, my camera was focused on D + L Video, which, to my amazement, still existed then. 149664037 Here, I was looking back toward what used to be the beginning of the Oktoberfest route. 149664038 If Tottenville Food Mart existed when I lived there, I don't remember it. 149664039 Here's the site of Chip's/Town & Country Dairy & Deli, on the corner of Fisher & Amboy. 149664040 I remember this place as the South Shore Superette, but it had another name before that that escapes me. This was across the street from Wood Avenue. 149664041 Old school Tottenvillians may remember this as the former site of Antonio's Pizzeria, which later expanded to include a restaurant on the right. 149664042 To the immediate left was Mary's, later Naomi's, and by '96, an office supply/stationery store. 149664043 Here's one of Tottenville's iconic corners. The Oktoberfest route actually continued up Main Street from here, with the rest of Amboy Road now open to traffic. There would be actual baby blue NYPD barricades along Amboy Road to the left and Main Street coming from Hylan Boulevard. 149664044 Remember the billboards? 149664145 Here's where Cub Scout Pack 21 used to meet, back when Swinnerton Avenue was pretty much just a stub going to the back of the church. 149664146 149664147 Here's the Conference House, sitting on top of a hill. I wonder how anyone manages to get a postcard shot of this. 149664148 Here's the waterfront along the Conference House facing Perth Amboy. 149664149 Here's the winding path to the Pavilion, where I was standing. Back when I first moved to Tottenville, Hylan Boulevard actually continued in this general direction, so that one could actually park near the water. I thought that was cool, but older Tottenvillians probably prefer having a revived pavilion. 149664150 More of the waterfront near the Conference House, heading toward the Point. There was, at least back then, a narrow path on the wooded hill to the left. 149664151 We're looking at Shore Road (I think), as it would be seen from the parade. 149664152 The parade would continue along Craig Avenue. 149664153 Headed downhill on Craig Avenue. This would be a nice atmosphere for a parade. 149664154 I think the parade would end here, or just a little farther to the right. 149664155 I was now looking back up Craig Avenue, where the rest of the parade would presumably be catching up. 149664156